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Roadside Assistance and Heavy Towing in Collingwood

If you are looking for a light, medium or heavy towing service anywhere in Collingwood, Kell’s Towing is your ideal choice. Towing an automobile or machine can be a demanding process. While heavy towing requires trucks equipped with bigger frames and powerful engines, light and medium towing jobs can be easily handled by flatbed trucks. Using the wrong kind of towing truck can not only damage the goods but also damage the truck. With our dedicated fleet of trucks for heavy as well as light and medium towing, we handle each towing task efficiently. Give us a call for more information on our towing trucks and options.

Light, Medium and Heavy Towing

Whether it is a short-distance service or one that requires towing to a distant location in Collingwood, the size and weight of goods never pose a challenge to Kell’s Towing. From trucks and tractors to RVs and scrap cars, we can easily tow vehicles of all makes and models. Heavy industrial machinery and commercial farm equipment are also towed irrespective of their weight.

Roadside Assistance

Apart from towing services, we also help the residents of Collingwood with roadside assistance. We offer a range of on-road emergency services such as:

Battery boosts

Fuel delivery

Recoveries and impounds


Tire changes

Vehicle storage

Vehicle transport

Tilt and load service

Replace Flat Tires and Boost Batteries

Our team handles all kinds of on-road automobile emergencies in Collingwood. 

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